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Photbooks offer much more as a “best of” compilation of their images: they are an art piece itself. Three Berlin publishing houses that focus on photography present their joint works in conversation with the photographers.

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SAT 31 OCT, 11 h


>> C/O Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 22-24, 10623 Berlin (Charlottenburg)

© Nils Müller © Dorothea Tuch

with Lars Eidinger, Nadine Barth

The artist Lars Eidinger (*1976, Berlin) has just published his first photo book with Hatje Cantz, titled ‘Autistic Disco’. To find his images, Eidinger strolls through the world’s streets and observes. He sees what others don’t see because they’ve for gotten how to look: lone wolves alienated from society, morbid consume rist kitsch, trompe-l’oeil images. Eidinger records moments that document our point in historical time and paradoxically carry it forward ad absurdum.
The talk is followed by a book signing.


SAT 10 OCT, 11 h


>> C/O Berlin, Hardenbergstr. 22-24, 10623 Berlin (Charlottenburg) 

© Valery Faminsky/ Private collection A. Bondar

with Adam Broomberg, Josef Wolfgang Mayer
Presenter: Ana Druga & Thomas Gust

in German & English

The photographers and designers Ana Druga and Thomas Gust of the photo book press Buchkunst Berlin present their latest titles. The talk features art photographers Adam Broomberg and Josef Wolfgang Mayer, whose books were  published by Buchkunst Berlin. Mayer will take part in the pre sentation and discussion of his photo book ‘Standing by the Wall – Berlin 1990’, which consists of panoramic triptychs of the ruins of the Berlin Wall and the Berlin border zone in the summer of 1990 as well as topographical reflections on the time of historical upheaval in the no-man’s-land between two Germanys.
In conversation, artist Adam Broomberg, who wrote an essay for the photo book ‘Dieter Keller – Das Auge des Krieges’ (Dieter Keller – The Eye of War), will discuss the handling of and strategies for using war and armed conflict photography. He will offer insight into working with photographic archives, taking as his example books such as ‘Valery Faminsky – Berlin Mai 1945, Holy Bible‘, and ‘War Primer 2‘. The conversation with Adam Broomberg will take place in English. Following the talk, the artists will sign their books.


SAT 17 OCT, 11 h

>> Berlinische Galerie, Alte Jakobstraße 124-128, 10969 Berlin (Kreuzberg)

© Paul Hutchinson

with Paul Hutchinson, Ralf Marsault, Ashkan Sahihi

Paul Hutchinson, Ralf Marsault, and Ashkan Sahihi gaze through the photographic lens at phenomena of urban culture and communitization. Nevertheless, their protagonists, subjects, and artistic approaches couldn’t be more different. In a panel discussion marking the publication of three volumes by Hutchinson, Marsault, and Sahihi, Distanz asks the artists: in today’s digital world, what is the value of analogue photography as a record of the time? What role do artistic publications play in this? And how can the medium of photography artistically document processes of urban change? 





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