Artist in Action

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Our series 'Artist in Action' either takes you to the studios of the photographyers or their current exhibition. The artists provide personal insights into their life and work and bring selected projects f their career into focus. 

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SAT 31 OCT, 15 h

Olaf Heine

>> Studio Olaf Heine, Reinbeckstraße 45/47, 12459 Berlin (Köpenick)

© Olaf Heine

Olaf Heine is a Berlin based and internationally working photographer. He studied photography and design at the Lette­ Verein (Lette  Society) in Berlin and is primarily known for his detailed and carefully staged portraits. His photographic works have been published on countless album covers, in international editorials, and the photographic books ‘Leaving the Comfort Zone’ (2008), ‘I Love You but I’ve Chosen Rock’ (2010), ‘Brazil’ (2014), as well as ‘Rwandan Daughters’ (2019). They have also been exhibited at the Camera Work  Galerie Berlin, the Museum Folkwang in Essen, the Noorderlicht Fotogalerie in Groningen, the Salon Frieder Burda | Muse um Frieder Burda and the Icon Gallery in Los Angeles, to name just a few.
Besides collaborating with stars like U2, Iggy Pop, Coldplay, Radiohead, Sting, Nick Cave, and The Killers, he has shot international advertising campaigns and directed dozens of music videos for The Eagles or Rammstein.




SAT 10 OCT, 15 h

Benita Suchodrev

>> Freundeskreis Willy-Brandt-Haus, Stresemannstraße 28, 10963 Berlin (Kreuzberg)
>> in German

© Benita Suchodrev

Benita Suchodrev is a Russian-American portrait and documentary photographer concerned primarily with depicting the human subject in a sociocultural context. She works intuitively with great regard for authenticity, spontaneity and "the decisive moment". Her work has been published in ‘Of Lions and Lambs’ (Kehrer Verlag 2019) and ‘48 Hours Blackpool’ (Kehrer Verlag 2018), among others. It has been exhibited nationally and in ternationally and has been widely covered by television, radio and print media.


SAT 17 OCT, 14 h + 16 h

Katja Ruge

>> Rondo – Berning, Brunnenstraße 152, 10115 Berlin (Mitte)
>> in German

© Katja Ruge

Seeing the beat. Hearing a moment. For photographer, deejay, and music producer Katja Ruge, photography, music, portrait, and pop are inextricably linked. A look at her haunting portraits gives us the feeling that we can see through to the inner core of the people photographed and their otherwise hidden character traits. It’s a skill based on craftsmanship: Katja Ruge learned her trade as a photo laboratory tech nician from the bottom up, having worked as a photo assistant in England and as a music promoter and art di rec tor before dedicating herself entirely to photography in 2000. With her subtle powers of  observation and an intuitive sense of visual composition, Ruge has already created hun  dreds of iconic portraits for magazines, musicians, and artists.


SAT 24 OCT, 18 h

Miron Zownir

>> Bildband Berlin, Immanuelkirchstraße 33, 10405 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)
>> in German

© Miron Zownir

Hailed by Terry Southern as the ‘Poet of Radical Photography’ Miron Zownir’s photographic work has been exhibited in galleries and museums in several countries from 1981 on. His photos have been published in six photobooks and he was
 featured in many international anthologies. He took up photography in the late 70s during the hey­days of the punk­pheno menon in West­  Berlin and London, de  liver  ing a tight portrayal of the movement and its peculiar  atti   tude towards life in limbo be tween a utopian vision of anar chy and nihilistic self­ destruc t  ion. After 15 years in the States (NYC, Los Angeles and Pittsburgh) he returned to Berlin. In 1995 he went for three months to Moscow to descend into the lower depth of Post­Communist society. From the early 2000’s on Zownir ventured for several photo excursions to  Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Cali  fornia, the Ukraine and Istan bul. He is also a filmmaker and writer of crime novels.


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