Book Days

>> Museum für Fotografie / Helmut Newton Foundation, Jebensstraße 2, 10623 Berlin
>> Fri 30 Sept - Sat 2 Oct
>> Free admission


© David von Becker

In the digital age in particular, books are an ideal medium for portraying the whole fascination with photography and the diversity that surrounds it. The choice of format, the feel of the paper, the composition of the images and the specially coordinated layout allow this analogue medium to remain the object of desire - from mass production to personal collector’s pieces. Through technical facilitation in production, ever more artists and creatives have published their own projects as photobooks in recent years. New forms of its definition and understanding have led to entirely new kinds of presentation and designs - at the center of which the artist production process resides. Precisely this phenomenon is the focus of this year’s Book Days with the aim of experimenting with the production process for photobooks as well as portraying current creative trends. For this reason, this year will be the first to offer live performances that reveal the creative production process behind publishing and make it into a tangible experience.

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Budapest is this year’s partner city for EMOP Berlin. On this occasion, C/O Berlin has invited the Hungarian artist Peter Puklus to present Hungarian photobooks with a regard to the neighbouring countries at the Curated Tables - a visual journey into contemporary and historic highlights. With his personal selection, he shows different ways of dealing with and understanding how influential photobooks are. Which images remain in our memory at all? Which rouse the passion for photography, and by using which kinds of content? How can they be passed on? Furthermore, visitors can photograph the publications that they’ve acquired at the Book Days in an integrated studio and present them in a composition of their own. The results are then uploaded on Instagram with the hashtag #emopOpeningDays. This increases the degree of participation for the Curated Tables and continues it online.



On all three days of the Book Days, numerous artists and publishers will present their newest works live. The book presentations are shown on a large screen and invite visitors to take a relaxed look. At the end, the favorite publications will be signed. The following artists and publishers will present their publications: Peperoni Books with Heiko Sievers, Andreas Trogisch, Janine Graubaum, Torsten Schumann; Edition Patrick Frey with Andreas Tschersich; Böhm / Kobayashi with Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber; Edition Taube with Peter Granser and Hank Schmidt in der Beek, Meta / Books with Virginie Rebetez; Polly’s Picture Show, Rorhof Press with Yokota & Pinckers; Spector Books with Helmut Völter and Susanne Kriemann; White Press with Concordia, do you read me?! with The Smart View, Self Publish, Be Happy – SPBH with Lucas Blalock and Peter Puklus; Artbeat Publishers with Daisuke Yokota; b.frank books with Roger Eberhard, Benedict Wells and Christina Landbrecht.



ECAL / University of Ar t and Design Lausanne (Switzerland) will introduce a new master’s degree in photography from the 2016/2017 academic year. Twenty students in this new program will work together in Berlin for one week with Taiyo Onorato (of Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs) and Milo Keller (Head of Photography at ECAL). The main subject is the architecture of the city, from landmarks to anonymous constructions. The buildings should be approached from a level of abstraction, and result in an interpretation rather than a documentation. Selected pictures will be gathered in a collector’s edition printed and bound directly at the Helmut Newton Foundation during the C/O Berlin Book Days. A paintbrush ar tist will add a unique painterly touch to each book.



Two publishing houses and two artists who have already published a book together are “swapped.” In this workshop, they produce the same book again live and on location but with a new composition of publishers and artists. This experiment demonstrates the importance of the communication process between artists and publishers and how much it can influence the final result. Conceived of and coordinated by the Danish publisher Lodret Vandret, the individual stages of production are portrayed in a playful way - an exciting look behind the scenes of book productions. During and at the end of Book Days, the four will present their results and discuss their experiences from the work process with swapped cooperation partners.



The current issue N°9 of the photo magazine Der Greif is fresh on the market. But what happens when you remix and reorganize the original material? Does this re-edited edition become only a slightly modified plagiarism or a separate publication despite having the same visual content? Der Greif invites visitors to start things off with the artists of the original edition, participate in the curatorial process and help create an alternative version. Der Greif isn’t merely addressing creative production processes and curatorial filter processes with this performance, but rather also how intensely the reception of photographic images is influenced by their contextualization. The young magazine from Germany makes an entirely new interaction between digital platforms and print magazines possible and deliberately focuses on the par tici pator y processes bet ween artists, curators, editors and publishers.



The Paris Photo–Aperture Foundation PhotoBook Awards were created in 2012 to celebrate the ongoing contribution of books to the evolving photography narrative. Each year, a two-part jur y process selects the books that best exemplify the creativity and innovative thinking at work in the photobook community today. The categories are Photography Catalogue of the Year, PhotoBook of the Year and First PhotoBook (with a $10,000 prize). The prizewinners from the past four years will be presented at the Book Days ahead of the announcement of the 2016 Shortlist Selection, which will be exhibited at Paris Photo in November, and from which this year’s winners will be selected.



Friday 30 Sep, 12-6 pm

12 pm Welcome

12:30 pm Kick-Off Performances
Lodret Vandret . Swap party / Écal . Berlin Book Werkstatt

1:30 pm Signing

2 pm Live Presentation / Signing
Peperoni Books

2:30 pm Live Presentation / Signing
Edition Patrick Frey

3 pm Live Presentation / Q&A

3:30 pm Live Presentation / Signing
Edition Taube

4 pm Live Presentation / Signing

4:30 pm Live Presentation / Signing
Polly’s Picture Show

5 pm Live presentation
Rorhof Press

Saturday 1 OCT, 12-6 pm

12 pm Welcome

1 pm Live Presentation / Signing
Spector Books

1:30 pm Live Presentation / Talk
White Press

2 pm LIVE Presentation / Talk
do you read me?!

2:30 pm Live Presentation
Artbeat Publishers

3 pm Kick-Off Performance
Der Greif / Re-editing N°9

3:30 pm Live Presentation

4 pm 1/2 Result Performances
Lodret Vandret / Écal

4:30 pm Signing

5 pm Photobook Award Short List 2016

Sunday 2 OCT, 12-3 pm

12 pm Welcome

12:30 pm Live Presentation / Talk
b. frank Books

1 pm Final Results Performances 
Lodret Vandret / Écal / Der Greif