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Johanna Terhechte

Johanna Terhechte’s works are intermedial syntheses of photography, video, and sculpture. Photographs – both her own and found material – are her point of departure.

Thematically and formally, Terhechte’s work questions the orientation mechanisms we employ when viewing a picture. She probes her photographs by dismantling their perspective, introducing repetition, reassembling them; and in the process renegotiates the relationship between the act of photography and the visual record that ensues.

Photographs are flat; they show only one of many optical possibilities. Differences in the way an image is cropped change what we see. Each picture signifies a translation of the spatial into the two-dimensional. How three-dimensional, then, is photography? What are the means by which a two-dimensional image can be transferred to three-dimensional space?

Terhechte sets out to integrate these transformative steps in order to make tangible the transition between pictorial surface and space. By breaking up and reconfiguring temporal processes, by contrasting minimally different perspectives, her work playfully engages with the differences between various media.