work and continuation

Paula Gehrmann, Gabriele Stötzer

Her oeuvre, multimedia and interdisciplinary in nature, encompasses painting, photography, film, performance, fashion, photo books, and above all writing. Stötzer railed against the oppressive power of the GDR dictatorship. Today, she opposes patriarchy in her explorations of bodily and collective states, bearing witness to a tireless process of questioning society and one’s own individual circumstances.

In 2019, the exhibition series ‘Bewußtes Unvermögen – Das Archiv Gabriele Stötzer 1 – 3’, organized at the GfzK in Leipzig, in cooperation with the artist Paula Gehrmann (*1982), offered comprehensive insight into Stötzer’s oeuvre.

Gehrmann’s artistic practice is characterized by contemporary photography and, often, immersive interventions between sculpture and functional display. In keeping with the title of the present exhibition, this collaboration culminates in a description of past and current works by each artist.