Time Is No Longer Round

Santeri Tuori

Santeri Tuori is a multifaceted artist who has been engaging over the past two decades with the properties and transformative powers of nature. Forests, sky, lilies, and wind are only a few of the basic elements you might find in any Nordic landscape and they all have become an object of his interest and observation. How we should value these essential features that make up the northern scenery is the fundamental question underlying Tuori’s work and his fascination with the passage of time. After finding a specific location, he photographs it from the same position, season after season, for many years. He then layers the images one on top of the other, sometimes superimposing a black-and-white negative on coloured ones to create his own unique compositions.

Tuori’s time-based images become visual portals that encapsulate nature’s metamorphosis from one frame to another, rendering its photogenic quality more graphic, as in a colour pencil drawing.

His subjects have their roots in landscape painting and drawing, as found in the watercolours of William Turner or the biblical paintings of El Greco.