The River Vjosa-The Blu Heart of Europe

The Blue Heart of Europe

Tim Bentlin, Eric Berg, Tilia Dahlke, Laura Maria Görner, Kantatach Kijtikhun, Saskia Schäfer, Abi Shehu, Mara Stäbert, Anika Zachow

The 270-km-long natural watercourse of the Vjosa is one of the oldest rivers in Southeast Europe. Over the next several years, however, the planned construction of eight hydroelectric power plants means that the landscape and adjacent towns on its shores are destined to disappear. Students at the University of Applied Sciences Europe (Campus Berlin) intend to document this process of flooding through dam constructions. They took their first trip there in November 2019; more are planned.

Flowing from Greece to Albania, the Vjosa meanders through a broad valley of softwood wetlands, which provide the ideal habitat for many different species of migratory bird. It also plays an important role for the people there. The river terraces serve the villagers as fertile land for agriculture and livestock farming, all of which the damming will put an end to, while the diversity of fish provides a livelihood for local fishermen. The crystal-clear river also has an emotional value for the Albanians.

Hydroelectric power currently poses the greatest threat to rivers.


28.Oct 7:00 pm

Screening JU.KALI, 30 min, Director Laura Maria Görner, Albanien 2019 und guided exhibition tour


Ju.Kali - The search for freedom and desire brang me to a land of paradox beauty: Albania. The simplicity of their living culture seems to me like burden and release at once. And then, I am dreaming. Of a horse (alb. kali). It’s riding through the width of plain and brings the indian soul back home. And suddenly she (alb. ju) was standing there, in the middle of a chain of mountains and clouds where sunlight was interfusing theatrically. Water, earth, air and fire seemed to be united. A unit. People so poor and yet so rich. What is wealth actually?


University of Applied Sciences Europe Berlin, Fachbereich Art & Design-Photography Dessauer Straße 3-5 10963 Berlin

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