Street Photo: Charlottenburg

Sascha J. Bachmann, Heike Frielingsdorf, Siegfried Hansen, Marco Larousse, Efi Longinou, Christian Reister, David Shokouhbeen, Karen Stuke, Martin U Waltz, Marc Yang

Discover 20 local and international positions on Street Photography. The presentations are on display during the day around the Charlottenburg train station and at night at the traffic control tower on Kurfürstendamm.


The exhibition of advertising pillars shows current works from the world of street photography by six photographers* working in Germany. The title 2ways refers to the double level of meaning of modern street photography between the representational depiction of reality and the creation of a further abstract and often surreal level of reality.
Curated by Martin U Waltz


Karen Stuke is a master of pinhole camera photography. For this project she transforms a container into a walk-in camera obscura. The surrounding lively station square will be projected reversed and upside down onto an interior wall.
A unique occasion to reflect on one‘s own perception and Berlin street life.


Marc Yang is a young Chinese photographer from Wuhan. Currently, he is a participating observer of the streets of his hometown, where life is returning after the great lockdown. On display is an excerpt from his most recent black and white works.


In intense images Christian Reister and Martin U Waltz observe light and shadow in the streets of the metropolis Berlin. Christian Reister combines new and older black and white photographs to create a powerful narrative between insom­nia, intoxication and tristesse.
In Martin U Waltz‘s series „Light Urban Rain“ the city, nature and passers-by merge under the raindrops into a dynamic texture of perspective, light and color.

Curated by Norbert Wiesneth


Nighttime projections show the ten winners of an interna­tional competition on the sidewalk of the Kurfürstendamm.


9.Oct 6:00 pm


Artist Talk

Künstlergespräch mit dem Kurator Norbert Wiesneth zu StreetPhotography, StreetProjections und StreetPhoto : Charlottenburg

Organized by Fachbereich Kultur Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf

Am Bahnhof Charlottenburg Stuttgarter Platz / Ecke Lewishamstraße 10627 Berlin