Photographs by Gabriela Torres Ruiz

Gabriela Torres Ruiz

In her project Silence, the photographer Gabriela Torres Ruiz focuses on the aura of abandoned locations. With a fine instinct for the poetic interplay of light, color, and space, she juxtaposes landscape motifs and interior views in diptychs. Her search includes natural landscapes as well as spaces that convey an idea of quietude, with the intention of giving this a palpable form through photography.

Torres Ruiz discovers forgotten places that have been stripped bare of their original context, whose current state can be understood as a symbol for the unstoppable progression of time. The decay of the buildings depicted, alongside mountain and forest landscapes that appear to be pristine, refers to the loop between architecture and a nature in the process of reconquering its space.

On a meta-level, the artist addresses the spectrum between space that has grown and space that has been built. The corresponding motifs enter into both a formal and thematic relationship.