Shadows Within

Eeva Karhu

Eeva Karhu uses the photographic process as her receptor for the passage of time. This is most evident in her ongoing series Path, for which she photographs the route she walks every day upon leaving her home.

By layering one daily photograph upon another over a four-week period, she eventually compiles in a single image how one whole month can look. Karhu continues this process throughout the year, creating her own visual calendar of time periods based upon the harvesting of light from one moment to the next.

In a second series, Seasons, Karhu expands this compositional approach by combining three months in a single image to form one season. These images are far more abstract yet still have the ambiance of an impressionistic painting from a bygone century. It’s as if she is painting with light. Her spring looks like Monet, her autumn contains the colours of Renoir, and her tones are like those of Turner.