Romania Raw

Miron Zownir

Miron Zownir is an internationally successful photographer and filmmaker. His radical style of photography, honed since the late 1970s, first in West Berlin and then in New York, remains to this day a benchmark in the field of social and artistic photo documentation. His black-and-white photographs of subcultures, social outcasts, and other marginalized groups prove controversial, time after time. His work is represented in leading galleries and museums, worldwide, and is available in several extensive monographs.

For ‘Romania Raw’ (2018), Miron Zownir photographed Roma settlements near Cluj-Napoca in Romania. Since being expelled from the city in 2010, several hundred Roma families have lived here on the landfill site of Pata Rat, the largest garbage ghetto in Europe. Everyday poisoning, isolation, and resignation are the defining themes of these photographs.