Remains in Development

Felicity Hammond

Felicity Hammond confronts in her work the social, political, and economic contradictions of the postmodern city, which is shaped by power struggles between international real estate companies, profit-driven investors, and gentrification critics. In large-scale collages she combines found images from glossy real estate brochures with her own photographs. Advertising’s bold promises meet post-industrial mise-en-scène: compositions of car tyres, construction debris, bags of plaster, wooden pallets, and abandoned material from a major construction site.

C/O Berlin presents Hammond’s key works in a new constellation: collages and sculptural objects are displayed alongside an installation that draws attention to the chroma key process employed in film and photographic technology to digitally replace greenscreen backdrops with other images when creating advertising brochures and billboards.

This, Hammond’s first solo exhibition in Germany, is a coproduction with Kunsthal Extra City, Antwerp.