Photographic Landscapes

Sebastian Klug

The work of Sebastian Klug is a hybrid, rooted both in photography and sculpture. He creates three-dimensional objects from his prints of the photographs he took of Berlin's club scene from 2008 to 2020 with the 2-mp-camera of a Nokia 6300 mobile phone. By cutting and manually interweaving two identical prints, he emphasizes the pixelized aesthetic of these rough and grainy images. He creates a relief-like, three-dimensional surface that plays with the viewer’s perception, triggering a visual interference between the image and the structure, depending on the viewer's position and the angle of the light source.

The combination of the ancient technique of image-weaving and modern mobile phone photography transforms the very basis of a digital photograph – the pixel – into an element of a handcrafted piece of contemporary art. Klug uses the imagery of his photographic diary in order to create a unique visual language that oscillates between the poles of image and surface – making each interact with the other and creating a free flow between the genres.