personal theater

Simon Annand, Katerina Belkina, Hardy Brackmann

The exhibition probes the boundaries between human identity and role-playing. Simon Annand photographs actors in their dressing rooms, a physical space of concentration and privacy. He is a quiet observer in the countdown of the last thirty minutes before it’s time to go onstage. He shows actors as people torn between themselves and roles they haven’t entirely taken on.

Katerina Belkina stages herself in digitally reworked photographs and points to various “psycho” personality types among women in our society. She frees her tableaux of details in order to filter out an individual’s essence. Her art is a personal theater in which she shows people lost in the isolation of a materialized world with glaring clarity.

In his photographs of famous people, Hardy Brackmann locates the precise moment between pose and authenticity. He mainly tracks down his “celebrities” on the street, however—non-prominent people celebrating their own “personal theater.”


15.Oct 6:00 pm

Artist talk

Katerina Belkina art reflects plenty of facets of human being in our actual society.The russian artist`s playground represents all kind of roles: gender, arthistorical figures, etc. We are very looking forward to an exciting talk with this thrilling artist!


Galerie Z22 Zähringerstraße 22 10707 Berlin