No Man´s City

Aram Radomski

After the Wall opened, structure and order in East Berlin fell apart and a power vacuum took their place. All of a sudden, in regards to the political situation, everything seemed possible – but also in terms of all the little concrete changes on the ground. Boundaries had been abolished.

This interim state ended with Reunification, or perhaps it already came to a close with the increasingly vehement demands for the same. But in between there was a gap, a space for utopian visions, for joy and for momentous change, for fear and absorbing the new reality. For a period of time, there was a no man's land that everyone could occupy and fill with life according to their own ideas.

Photographer Aram Radomski not only documented the pre-Reunification period and reality of life under socialism; he also recorded the rapid changes that took place after the Wall opened: Berlin, a city that belonged to no one and everyone, a no man's city for a limited time.