'Nicht ins Namenlose versinken' (Ida Dehmel)- ver_antworten

Group exhibition on the occasion of the 150th birthday of Ida Dehmel

Heike Franziska Bartsch, Christine Sophie Bloess, Marion Luise Buchmann, Karin Dammers, Maiko Date, Burghild Eichheim, Jeanne Fredac, Chus López Vidal, Barbara Noculak, Gertraude Pohl, Re Schweizer, Paola Telesca

Ida Dehmel, who was born exactly 150 years ago this year, founded today’s GEDOK, The Federation of Women Artists and Patrons of the Arts, in 1926. For seven years, she worked toward increasing public recognition of women artists.

After the National Socialists' election victory in 1933, Dehmel was dismissed from all her art offices, and exclusion and persecution followed. In 1942 she took her own life.

The group exhibition "Nicht ins Namenlose versinken" - ver_antworten  ('Do not sink into Anonymity' (Ida Dehmel)- ver_antworten) takes Ida Dehmel's appeal as an opportunity to reflect on forms of forgetting and remembering. The addition to the title of the words "verantworten"(responsible for) and "antworten" (reply) is a two-faced anticipation of what awaits the visitors: The photographic works of the twelve participating artists not only reflect, vary, or refuse to be forgotten, the works also give a polyperspective impression of what a Ver_Antworten can look like.