New Age of Dissent

Carina Linge

In naming her latest series New Age of Dissent, the artist Carina Linge cleverly forges a link with Notes from the New Age of Dissent, the compilation of blog texts by the British journalist, author, and feminist, Laurie Penny, published in 2011.

Penny, a self-declared feminist futurist, writes angry, passionate, and at the same time thoroughly humorous texts about the fears and frustrations that most of the younger generation know only too well. She thus gives a voice to those who can express their silent fears only as a persistent sense of dissatisfaction.

The same can be said also of the female artists presented, along with their work, in Linge’s psychogramlike portraits in the form of tableaux. In rendering visible the subjects’ inner emotional worlds, the photographs subtly reveal insights into the phenomena of our time that trouble and drive these artists – sexual identity, exclusion, discrimination, critiques of capitalism, et al.