Mounted Light

Kurt Buchwald, Ingar Krauss, Tamara Lorenz, Sarah Straßmann

‘Mounted Light’ shows four positions for the examination of light as the medium of photography. The objects and spaces are only in the foreground in the first moment of observation. The second view tries to question the perception, to follow the traces of light. 

Kurt Buchwald shows works from the series In the Circle of Perception and The Skies. By placing devices on the camera, surreal light spaces are created.

For each photo, the following applies: the light must, in some way, penetrate glass, bundled and scattered. Ingar Krauss directs light onto and through glass, making it the subject of his photographs in the series thus named.

Tamara Lorenz constructs flat, three-dimensional objects which are then illuminated and photographed. Spatiality and colour are so alienated that the photograph appears to the viewer again as a three-dimensional object.

In the episode The Kingdom, Sarah Straßmann shows stone traces of a historical excavation site. Parts of the photographic material she shapes, in turn, into sculptures.