Manhattan Sunday

Richard Renaldi

"Manhattan Sunday" is a personal account of New York nightlife and at the same time an homage to New York as a place of self-fulfillment, a canvas on which people have been projecting their desires, dreams and imaginations for generations. The black-and-white large format images describe a Saturday night and a Sunday morning in Manhattan. The series is a collection of portraits, urban landscapes and interiors of bars and clubs, capturing New York’s vibrant nightlife and the moment when the clubs release their guests into the morning, into the streets of the sleeping city.

Richard Renaldi, born in 1968, is considered one of the most influential contemporary portrait photographers in the United States. He was best known for his view camera work ("Figure and Ground", 2006 or "Touching Strangers", 2014). "Manhattan Sunday" was awarded a 2015 Guggenheim Fellowship.