Live for the Weather

Marie Tomanova

Marie Tomanova is a Czech artist and photographer based in New York City. Critic John Berger wrote, ‘To emigrate is always to dismantle the centre of the world, and so to move into a lost, disoriented one of fragments’.

Like for many other people, emigrating to the United States was the most significant decision in Tomanova’s life. Displacement, place, community, self, and memory became the key themes in her photographic work, first in her self-portraiture (ongoing since 2014), then in her Young American portraits (ongoing since 2015) – two series which bring her into contact with others and allow her to see herself in the context of the American landscape and society – and likewise, finally, in her latest body of work, It Was Once My Universe (ongoing since 2018), about her return home to the Czech Republic after eight years away.

The exhibition ‘Live For The Weather’ brings together all of these themes. Her images confront us directly and without artifice with the power of people simply being. It is about tolerance, acceptance, identification. It is about optimism, youth, and humanness.


2.Oct 6:00 pm

Artist Talk with Marie Tomanova

Artist Talk

With the photographer Marie Tomanova – living in New York and born in the Czech Republic – and the curator Thomas Beachdel we talk about her journey from a small Czech town to the multicultural metropolis. Why did she as a trained painter take up photography only after her relocation? What role plays photography in dealing with her own identity as well as with the identity of young New Yorkers? And why do her pictures attract attention worldwide? Do they gain even more relevance in the current political development in the US? The discussion will be in English.


Tschechisches Zentrum Berlin Wilhelmstraße 44 Eingang Mohrenstr. 10117 Berlin

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