into the wild

(ping without pong, vol.2)

Sylvia Henrich, Claudia Kugler, Stefanie Seufert

On photography’s fringes, the photographic aspect is often no more than a particular approach or way of seeing that can just as easily be expressed using different materials.

In an economically structured society, where dishwashing liquid doubles as a hand moisturizer and sex burns off calories (Ann Cotton), the principle of efficiency also spills over to the artistic strategy. The question is, what possibilities exist today within art and photography to react to the present? This is where we find the absurd, the dysfunctional, slapstick, and the mistake.

Predictability contrasts with the irrational, the unconsidered, which is released through an artistic use of technique, form, imagery, and photography and may express itself in shifting forms and reinterpretations. This irrational element takes on the risk of operating beyond mutually agreed patterns of representation and interpretation, of maintaining a space free of purpose within what has always been exploited for other purposes.