If on a Winter´s Night a Traveller

PhotoDérive as urban exploration

Andrea Figari

From tourism to migration, from exile to persecution, travel shapes our personal stories. ‘Where are you from?’ is a challenging question for anyone who has a patchwork of origin stories.

When a traveller arrives at a new destination, exploration surely follows. We get to know places and they affect us – based on what or who is there (or not), and on what we can (or cannot) do there. Places often have assigned roles: this is where one eats, works, plays, shops, drives, and so on. What if we overcome these limitations? What if we free ourselves from our own limitations in order truly to experience a place and imagine how it could be different?

The photographer uses the tool of dérive (drift) for her psychogeographical observation of cities, their communities, and their origin stories. Psychogeography explores the effect places have on us, the emotions they trigger – and how these might change. The dérive facilitates free exploration while remaining focused on a theme, a motto, or an experience that runs as a common thread through all the images that ensue, helping hold them together.


17.Oct 2:00 pm

PhotoDérive - Playful city exploration

PhotoWalk - Virtual tour

The PhotoDerive is a photo exploration of our spaces, based on the Dérive, a cultural practice with its genesis in psychogeography. The Dérive is "a technique of rapid passage through varied ambiences. Dérives involve playful-constructive behaviour and awareness of the effects of space on us, and are thus quite different from the classic notions of journey or stroll. Participants will create their own derive and document it with photos and a story. They will receive instructions online after registration. Photos and stories will later be presented in a collective online exhibition.

Organized by Fotomarathon Berlin - Verein für Ereignisse e.V

online www.photoderive.org

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online event

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10 €

24.Oct 10:00 am

Berlin Fotomarathon

Guided Tour

A Fotomarathon is a photo adventure where participants create a photo series within 9 hours and follow the photo prompts received on the day of the competition. A Fotomarathon appeals to spontaneity, a spirit of discovery and urban exploration rather than to the ability to run fast. A few weeks after the Fotomarathon, all photo series be shown online in a collective 3-D exhibition. The event is part of a non profit Berlin based organisation and led by a team of volunteers.

Organized by Fotomarathon Berlin - Verein für Ereignisse e.V

Arminiusmarkthalle Arminiusstrasse 2-4 10551 Berlin www.fotomarathon.de

Registration required


29 €