Eyes wide open

Graduate Show 2020

Birk Alisch, Tjard Asseng, Megan Auer, Lisa Beier, Vera Bode, Tim Boultwood, Senya Corda, Sylvan Dahlgrün, Susanna Ehrenberg, Luis Filippo, Charlotte Hansel, Niklas J. M. Hoffmann, Luisa Krautien, Oksana Meister, Joris Felix Patzschke, Bella Peguero, Mark Prathep, Lourens Samuel, Kate Schultze, Quirin Staufer, Laura Stromp, Lena Treugut, Franziska Vehring, Christian Winterfieldt, Milena Zara, Max Zimmermann

At first glance, open eyes would seem to be the essential prerequisite for the photographic profession. But as so often in life, there’s far more at stake, because navigating the exciting, turbulent world with open eyes calls for many things – among them, attention, courage, wonder, doubt, and open-mindedness. If you open your eyes, you have to be prepared for all this.

For photographers, keeping their eyes open is what links them to others. The resulting experiences, however, can turn out very differently.

In the context of the exhibition ‘EYES WIDE OPEN‘, the graduates of the Lette Verein Berlin’s photography class of 2020 present their thesis projects. All twenty-six them were created in individual processes and range from documentation and orchestrated images to conceptual works.