Modernism's diversity. 100 years greater Berlin

Stefanie Bürkle, Göran Gnaudschun, Ute Mahler, Florian Merkel, Arwed Messmer, Andreas Mühe, Loredana Nemes, Michael Schmidt, Anne Schönharting, Michael Wesely, Ulrich Wüst

The metropolis Berlin is the focus of this exhibition created in cooperation with the Kulturstiftung Haus Europa. To mark the centenary of the administrative amalgamation of Greater Berlin, the works of eleven art photographers address the realities, diversity, and complexity of various processes and developments in Berlin.

What defines a metropolis? Which works reflect both its social and technological / artistic development?

In outstanding photographic works, the exhibition presents the modernity of the city of Berlin on a continuum of progress and standstill – with an eye particularly for its multifaceted notions of lifestyle.