Dirty Laundry

Lela Ahmadzai, Wolfgang Bellwinkel, Philipp Breu, Claudia Bühler, Christian Ditsch, Jörg Gläscher, Andreas B. Krüger, Andrea Künzig, Amélie Losier, Andreas Meichsner, Heike Steinweg, Rainer F. Steußloff, Karen Stuke, Claudia Wiens

Europe guarantees peace and freedom yet at the same time is home to the largest arms producers on the planet. Europe exports arms to proxy wars around the world but closes its borders to refugees while making pacts with authoritarian regimes in the Mediterranean region. Asylum-seekers drown at sea or are forced into slavery and sex work. Technology and natural disasters push humanity to the limits of conceivable suffering. Artists rising up against the warlords in their home countries run unimaginable risks.

The aim of the joint FREELENS exhibition ‘Dirty Laundry’ is to look at wars and crises from the perspective of European involvement and responsibility, as well as to establish connections and point out causes.

The exhibition comprises photography and multimedia projects: 60 works submitted by 30 photographers.