The Masses

Krzysztof Miller

The exhibition presents photographs of various major events that have taken place in Europe between 1989 and 2011. On view are a wide array of crowds at protest marches, demonstrations, funerals, holiday celebrations, anniversaries, as well as at sporting events and concerts. ‘I focused on people and their emotions, their joys and fears. What they do. I have documented the tragedy of the civilian population. This is why I think that although my photography is considered to be war photography, it is really pacifist photography’, says photographer Krzysztof Miller.

He was always on the front line when something happened. Instead of looking at the stage, the playing field, or the lectern, Miller aimed his camera at the people assembled. He captured their emotions with an almost typological, documentary gaze: their anger and rage, their power or helplessness, their despair or adulation. Regardless of the era in which they were taken and their geographical location, these photographs are also wonderful group portraits. Human faces and genuine emotions – in addition to the big story.