Lena Maria Loose

BUCHT is a work about open space and urban transformation.

‘People who live here can have it all’ claims a real estate company website in reference to the Rummelsburger Bucht in Berlin. Temporal and spatial phenomena of urban transformation processes are taking shape on this cove. Over the past few years, the former industrial area has developed more and more into a coveted destination for recreation and an exclusive place to live in the city centre, a prime location. At the same time, however, various groups have settled on the water and the shore, making their home in boats and tents or taking over buildings and empty lots to realize projects.

Like many places in Berlin, the Rummelsburger Bucht is also subject to a noticeable pressure to privatize. Lots have been sold and built up, and open areas are disappearing. BUCHT speaks of people and alternative lifestyles that currently (still) enliven the urban space.