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'Berlin, Moloch of four million people, loud, stifling, dynamic. . .' (Alfred Döblin)

Günter Blutke, Willi Römer, Frank Schirrmeister


The so-called Greater Berlin Act went into effect on October 1, 1920. Overnight, the city became the world’s third largest and the foundation stone was laid for a lively and bustling 100-year-long history full of vicissitudes.

The exhibition presents the work of for the most part professional photographers from Berlin who, over the past century, have documented everyday life in the city from the normal to the bizarre – beginning with the Golden 1920s, to life in the East and West throughout Germany’s division, to the metropolis today. Taken together, this photographic mosaic narrates the history of Berlin.

The exhibition is complemented by an international photo competition. Young photographers were asked to address current social conditions and developments. The works of the winners are on show, too.