Sascha Weidner

Whether spontaneous or deliberately staged – Sascha Weidner draws attention to the beauty of everyday life, to what we often overlook in passing. At the same time, his radically subjective photographs give expression to deep longings and poetic dream images. Weidner’s pictorial world testifies to fragility; shades of the inscrutable and melancholic become palpable in his visual expressions of sublimity. The act of taking photographs becomes a search for the ‘refuge where utopia stages reality and reality utopia’.

The ‘Aurora’ exhibition compiles photographs from Weidner’s various creative phases. This compilation, which has never before been exhibited in this form in Berlin, follows the casual, subjective chains of connotation characteristic of Weidner's artistic process, giving rise to associations that affect the viewer, who can then elaborate on them intuitively beyond the actual images.

Sascha Weidner studied photography in Braunschweig. His work is collected and exhibited internationally.