EMOP Opening Days


>> 1-4 OCT 2020
>> Akademie der Künste, Pariser Platz 4, 10117 Berlin
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In five disuccion rounds during the Opening Days, panels of international experts seek to locate photography as a medium in a time of exponential growth in image production, as an art form, as a means of citical and political intervention, and as a tool for memory storage. What does the future of photography look like - for educational institutions, museums, and archives, for journalism? 
In the fertile interstice between biographical essay and social analysis, Austrian artist Sefanie Moshammer hat created an impressive visual language. The conversation with Johann König examines her photography as a highly tocial art form. 
The performer and viual artist Rabhi Mroué ecamines the construction of images in order to uncover their many layers of fiction and truth. In a conversation with with lawyer and writer Wolfgang Kaleck, he discusses the role of image production for the construction of the political present. 
Dynamism, openness, and the force of the future: in 1990, following the end of the Cold War and before the changes to the political order in Eastern Eurpoe, the continent embarked on a utopian vision. A panel on the year 1990 inquires into photography as a witness to the open utopia moment of its reorganziation. But where does Euope find itselfs today? The photographers f the OSTKREUZ ageny explore this question in their exhibition 'CONTINENT - n Search of Europe', on view at the Akademie der Künste. On entire series focuses on the film essay genre:films composed entirely of still images. 

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