Concrete and generative photography / Part 2.

The contemporaries

Marco Breuer, Richard Caldicott, Inge Dick, Harald Mairböck, Ewald Maurer, Andreas Müller-Pohle, Claus Stolz

Concrete photography can be understood as an independent branch of the concrete arts. It takes its place alongside other forms, such as concrete painting, concrete music and concrete poetry. At the same time, it’s a subsection of photography in general, and comprises a separate contribution to the history of art and photography. Its development began around 1900 and continues to this day. Photo Edition Berlin introduced the most important pioneers of generative and concrete photography at the European Month of Photography Berlin 2014, meeting with great success and interest; now, it presents the following generation with a focus on artists whose works manifest the materiality of light, chemistry, the photographic paper and process. 


12.Oct 7:00 pm

Artist talk with Kurt Buchwald

Photo Edition Berlin presents the newly published monograph "Sichtabsicht" by Kurt Buchwald in a conversation with the artist.


Photo Edition Berlin Ystader Straße 14A 10437 Berlin

Free admission