Exhibitions Monday 5.12.

19.08. - 8.01.2017

Leaving is Entering. Photographs 1961 – 1968. Bernard Larsson

Bernard Larsson

Bernard Larsson is one of the great unknown photographers of the 1960s. He moved to Paris in 1959 to perfect his work as a fashion photographer with William Klein and Irving Penn. He soon became more interested in street life ...

Museum für Fotografie Jebensstraße 2 10623 Berlin www.smb.museum/mf

9.09. - 16.12.2016

„Résonances“, Fotografien von Thomas Sandberg


On the occasion of the European Month of Photography Berlin 2016, the Collection Regard presents new works by Thomas Sandberg. About his pictures, he says: ‘I had a few days’ time, and so I bought a plane ticket and flew ...

Collection Regard Steinstraße 12 10119 Berlin www.collectionregard.com

10.09. - 23.12.2016

The Amazed Silence. Land­scapes of Andréas Lang

Andréas Lang

After living in Paris for many years, Andréas Lang returned to Germany in 2001 in search of his intellectual roots. He began exploring the effects history and mythology exerted on European landscapes. Following the traces of German Romanticism, he ...

Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung Auguststraße 75 10117 Berlin www.alfred-ehrhardt-stiftung.de

15.09. - 17.12.2016

Circular Wait

Martina Hoogland Ivanow

There is an unmistakable and highly personal inflection in Martina Hoogland Ivanow’s images, emanating from their compact atmosphere and her distinctive way of dealing with shadows and light. The images are characterized by a soft grey scale such that ...

Grundemark Nilsson Gallery Lindenstraße 34 10969 Berlin www.grundemarknilsson.se

16.09. - 26.02.2017

Cameroon and Congo

Andréas Lang

Exploring his mother’s attic, Andréas Lang happened upon the writings and historical photographs of his great-grandfather, who was a member of the so-called Colonial Protection Force in the former German colony of Cameroon from 1909 to 1914. In ...

Deutsches Historisches Museum Unter den Linden 2 10117 Berlin www.dhm.de

29.09. - 5.02.2017

GERTI DEUTSCH 1908–1979 and JEANNE MANDELLO 1907–2001

Gerti Deutsch, Jeanne Mandello

The exhibition reconstructs a chapter of the forgotten history of two photographers who emigrated from Germany and Austria. For the Viennese emigrant Gerti Deutsch, Picture Post, the anti-fascist magazine founded by the emigrant Stefan Lorant in 1938, became a new ...

DAS VERBORGENE MUSEUM Schlueterstrasse 70 Dokumentation der Kunst von Frauen e.V. 10625 Berlin www.dasverborgenemuseum.de

30.09. - 18.12.2016

With Different Eyes: Germany in the 1960s

Johannes Haile

The exhibition With Different Eyes, sponsored by the Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen (ifa), is curated by Meskerem Assegued from Ethiopia. The young photographer Johannes Haile captured the mood in Germany from a variety of perspectives. His images tell entire stories ...

ifa-Galerie Berlin Linienstraße 139 10115 Berlin

1.10. - 14.01.2017

Jean-Marie Périer Retro­spective

Jean-Marie Périer

Jean-Marie Périer is a photographer of happiness – even of melancholy as well, perhaps, if you view it in a more nuanced way. In his images and portraits of actors and singers of the 1960s, we admire the enduringly present ...

Institut français Berlin Kurfürstendamm 211 "Maison de France" 10719 Berlin https://berlin.institutfrancais.de

1.10. - 10.02.2017


Mario Marino

Berlin-based Galerie Hilaneh von Kories will present the exhibition Portraits. Photographs from the years 2011–2015 by Austrian-born photographer Mario Marino, who presently lives in Germany. The fifteen large-format photographs in colour and black and white provide insight into the ...

Galerie Hilaneh von Kories Belziger Straße 35 10823 Berlin www.galeriehilanehvonkories.de

1.10. - 16.12.2016

Room Portraits

Menno Aden

Menno Aden is specialized in architecture and spaces. His photographs are by and large unpopulated. And yet the works of the series Room Portraits can be read as portraits of the people living in the rooms photographed. They depict the ...

Galerie Schuster Hardenbergstraße 9 10623 Berlin www.galleryschuster.org

1.10. - 17.12.2016

True-Fake-Lost Identity

Rick Burger, Stefan Gräf, Jan Groszer

What is lost identity? Lost identity is taken from you. You claim it back if you accept your true/fake identity. What if those terms do not exist? In the consumer paradigm, true/fake identity terms have lost all meaning ...

Art Gallery DENCKER+SCHNEIDER Kalckreuthstraße 14 10777 Berlin https://denckerschneider.com/exhibitions

5.10. - 27.02.2017

Lucia Moholy - The English Years

Lucia Moholy

With her portraits and photographs of architecture and objects made during her time at the Bauhaus, Lucia Moholy (1894 – 1989) counts among the most renowned photographers of the early twentieth century. On the other hand, her photographic work from the ...

Bauhaus-Archiv - Museum für Gestaltung Klingelhöferstraße 14 10785 Berlin www.bauhaus.de

6.10. - 31.01.2017

High Shelves, Long Counters

Winifred McNulty, Heike Thiele

The photographs in the exhibition feature old or abandoned shops and factories in the northwest of Ireland. Photographer Heike Thiele and author Winifred McNulty documented these places in the form of interviews and long-exposure photographs between 2008 and 2012. Most ...

Botschaft von Irland Jägerstraße 51 10117 Berlin https://www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/germany

7.10. - 16.12.2016

A un paso de Berlín (A station towards Berlin)

Carlos Collado

This work-in-progress defines itself as museological research and sheds light on the everyday reality and more remarkable moments in the life of a work of art. Since July of 2016, the Gemäldegalerie Berlin presents a major exhibition on the ...

Instituto Cervantes Berlin Rosenstraße 18 10178 Berlin berlin.cervantes.es

7.10. - 30.04.2017

Berlin comes to life! The photojournalist Eva Kemlein (1909 – 2004)

Eva Kemlein

She chronicled Berlin’s post-war and theatre life. A photojournalist for the Berliner Zeitung newspaper, whose first issue of 1945 carried the headline ‘Berlin comes to life!’, Eva Kemlein’s images of survivors – as a Jew, she herself had made ...

Centrum Judaicum Oranienburger Straße 28 10117 Berlin www.centrumjudaicum.de

7.10. - 31.12.2016

Filmriss (blackout)

Eva Brunner, Michele Caliari, Marion Elias, Jeroen Goulooze, Michael Hughes, Susanne Leibold…

The photo exhibition Filmriss (blackout) brings together fourteen positions that illuminate the term in all its diversity, ranging from the concrete to the abstract/metaphorical. Stories are told with wrecked pictures at the end of analogue film sequences; the works ...

Kulturamt Steglitz-Zehlendorf c/o Boulevard Berlin Schloßstraße 10 1. OG 12163 Berlin https://www.facebook.com/filmrissberlin

8.10. - 29.01.2017


Jan Bünnig, Ekaterina Burlyga, Torben Geeck, Bastian Gehbauer, Göran Gnaudschun, Henry Hargreaves…

The exhibition presents a selection of contemporary still life photographs whose spectrum ranges from artfully arranged images of flowers and food to the meaningfully orchestrated image of a darkroom detail. The desire to convey symbolic, philosophical, religious and socially relevant ...

Haus am Lützowplatz Lützowplatz 9 10785 Berlin www.hal-berlin.de

14.10. - 11.12.2016

What you see – Lo que se vé

Adriana Lestido

Adriana Lestido is an Argentinean photographer who became known for her socially and politically inspired works, including photographs of women in prison and juvenile mothers. The artist works exclusively analogue and documents the history of Argentina’s young democracy, telling ...

Haus am Kleistpark Grunewaldstr. 6/7 Kommunale Galerie 10823 Berlin www.hausamkleistpark.de

21.10. - 26.02.2017

Architecture on glass

Otto Hagemann

The Landesarchiv Berlin presents a selection of works spanning four decades by the architecture photographer Otto Hagemann (1884 – 1974), who recorded numerous architectural motifs on large-format glass plates between 1921 and 1960. He was primarily a chronicler of the new ...

Landesarchiv Berlin Eichborndamm 115 13403 Berlin www.landesarchiv-berlin.de